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Let us introduce our family business, involved in viticulture and winemaking for generations. Our know-how is based on our ancestors’ experience. The main target is to deliver a high-quality product in its pure and healthy essence.
Currently, we farm a 2-hectare vineyard. The predominant grape variety is Rizling Vlassky (Welschriesling); of the blue varieties, we grow Frankovka modra (Frankovka blue) and Dunaj (Danube). We grow our grapes in a close harmony with the soil, vegetation and animals. Our prime focus is on ecology and environment. The annual production of the winery is 10,000 bottles.

We make our products strictly out of our newly-planted, certified vineyards. The grapes are hand-harvested and carefully pressed. Our own tuff cellars with stable year-round temperature of 10-12°C provide us with sufficient room for maturing the wine in oak barrels and in stainless-steel tanks.

"Our vineyards may be small in size when compared with major wine-making companies, but that is more than outweighed by the high quality of the wine."

Somraky Winery o nás
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